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RESEARCH INTERESTS                                                                                                                                                                                     

Research Themes: Sustainability and Resiliency of Transportation Infrastructure and the Built Environment.

  • Functional and Smart Infrastructure Systems
    • Cool Pavement Strategies for Thermal Environmental Improvement & Urban Heat Island Mitigation
    • Permeable Pavement Strategies for Urban Stormwater Management & Flood Control
    • Smooth and Quiet Pavements for Vibration and Noise Reduction in Urban and Rural Areas
    • Long Life Pavement & Rapid Renewal for Highway and Airfield
    • Ozone Eating Pavement, Energy Harvesting Pavement, Ice-Snow Melting Pavement
      Self-Healing Pavement, Resilient Pavement
    • Complete Street and Highway for All Road Users (Biking, Walking, Driving, etc.)
  • Dust Control for Urban and Road Infrastructure
  • Impact of Climate Change and Extreme Events on Infrastructure System
  • Life Cycle Assessment and Management of Infrastructure (LCCA, LCA, BCA, IMS)
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Data Mining in Transportation
  • Multi-Scale Modeling and Simulation